The Coalition of Abused Scouts for Justice

The Coalition of Abused Scouts for Justice was formed with two common goals: ensuring fair and equitable treatment for abuse survivors; and establishing the largest possible compensation fund for survivors, to be distributed as expeditiously as possible. Recently, the United States Bankruptcy Court entered an opinion approving key aspects of the bankruptcy plan that we believe will accomplish these goals. We are now working with the Boy Scouts of America and others to finalize a confirmation order and effectuate the plan.

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Fair & Equitable Treatment of Survivors

Largest Sexual Abuse Settlement Fund in History (Over $2.6B)

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Periodically, we update the Coalition on the progress of the case, and discuss the Plan, its benefits for survivors, and answer questions from survivors just like you.

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As of the close of voting in March, 2022,
over 86% of survivor votes supported the Plan. The Coalition thanks survivors for their support. We are working to confirm and effectuate the Plan to enable distributions from the multi-billion-dollar settlement fund.

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