About Us

The Coalition of Abused Scouts for Justice is an ad hoc committee of approximately 18,000 abuse survivors, represented by law firms who collectively represent more than 63,000 childhood sexual abuse survivors. The Coalition was founded on the simple principle of fair and equitable treatment for abuse survivors.

If the Plan is not confirmed and the Boy Scouts of America goes into liquidation, individual survivors would have to litigate for years to recover compensation. Survivors that were abused in states without open statutes of limitations, or whose Local Councils and Chartered Organizations are themselves insolvent, would face many challenges in obtaining any recovery at all. The Coalition firmly believes that there shouldn’t be two systems of justice for survivors based on what state you happened to be abused in. The Coalition advocates for all survivors to receive justice and closure.

Member Firms

Note: To reach your attorney, use the links below to visit your attorney’s website and contact them. If the firm handling your case is not a member of the Coalition, please reach out to them directly.

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