The Plan - Bankruptcy Documents

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On this page, you will find all of the documents related to the reorganization plan that our Coalition recommends. Please review each document carefully.


On February 15, 2022, the BSA filed a revised plan reflecting the terms of a new settlement agreement reached with the Coalition, Local Councils, Tort Claimants’ Committee (TCC) and others. Many parties who previously advocated against the Plan have reached consensus and are now signaling their support. The newly modified plan and related documents include improvements to youth protection measures and new options for independent review of abuse claims.

The newly revised Plan and related documents are provided below. Further below, you can find the original recommendation letters and plan documents sent for your review prior to voting on the Plan. For more information on the recent modifications to the Plan, please see the video posted on our Events page.

For more information on what The Plan does for survivors, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

BSA 3M5A PLAN 8813

0 - BSA 3M5A Plan

BSA Plan Blackline 8814

0 - BSA Plan Blackline 8814

BSA 4th Amd Plan Supplement 8815

0 - BSA 4th Amd Plan Supplement

Plan Recommendation Letter

0 - Plan Recommendation Letter

BSA Cover Letter

1 - BSA Cover Letter

Plan Summary and FAQ

2-1 - Plan Summary and FAQ

BSA Disclosure Statement

2-2 - BSA Disclosure Statement

BSA Disclosure Statement Correction

2-3 - BSA Disclosure Statement Correction

Solicitation Procedures Order

3 - Solicitation Procedures Order

Confirmation Hearing Notice

4 - Confirmation Hearing Notice


5 - Ballot

Unsecured Creditors Committee Letter

6-2 - Official Committee Letter 2

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